Saturday, 11 October 2014

currently on my mind....

 photo onmymind_zps5fe48321.jpg
(mac coat - Boutique by Topshop, printed t-shirt - Etre Cecile, jeans - Cheap Monday via Urban Outfitters, knitted polo - Toast, underwear - Cos, ankle boots - Toast, striped top - Cabbages & Roses, skirt - Topshop)

currently cant sleep, so of course im sat up in bed, browsing online, writing endless to do lists and watching Trailer Park Boys (new series, excuse me while i hibernate with my laptop) on the side.
mental check list includes...

  • finding THAT perfect Autumn coat, the one that's two sizes too big, looks like you borrowed your boyfriend's, and is that perfect shade of beige/brown that looks just right with blue denim and converse.
  • making a promise to myself to finally own a pair of Tabi boots before the end of the year, thus somehow in my head equaling 'becoming a grown-up'
  • not that i need any more t-shirts with french writing, but damn, Cecile Etre makes some good tee's, especially taken with their newest collaboration with Man Repeller.
  • Autumn = polo season, hooray!
  • Autumn = time to go through your drawers and refresh your underwear for the new season (thank you Cos)
  • slowly introducing plants one pot at a time in the hope my housemates dont realise im slowly trying to turn the flat into the Barbican Conservatory
  • distracting said housemates with awesome receipes from the brilliant 'a modern way to eat' by Anna Jones
  • the Birkenstocks are slowly (if not very reluctantly) being retired for the season, it's time to throw on some awesome chunky boots like these from Toast
  • adding more striped tops to my list list because... well, do i really need to explain to you?
  • plotting my birthday trip and realising no matter how much i fool myself i will almost certainly end up in my favourite city Berlin.....

Thursday, 2 October 2014

nice thing on etsy .7

(red blouse, denim jacket, crochet bag - all from Little Byrd Vintage. embroidered monogram shorts - Tomorrow is Forever, tortoiseshell sunglasses - American Deadstock, crop lace top - Fair Season)

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Title A

(images via

kinda just a 'little' bit in love with Agnes Deyn's latest venture into design. first of how how fantastic are these images from the Fall campaign? secondly the silhouettes of the skirts and jackets are just beautiful, something i can just picture fitting perfectly into the Autumn season. thankfully the prices aren't too bad/scary considering (well when i compare it too labels like Margaret Howell etc). 

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Sunday Society

(images via

in the middle of a wardrobe cleanse/detox and its really making me question the core pieces of my wardrobe, all those pieces that i love the IDEA of wearing, but in the end stick to what i feel good in/falls out of my wardrobe first. i know im not the only one who does it either!

the latest images from Urban Outfitters collective Sunday Society, are giving the well needed nudge of inspiration to strip my wardrobe back to being more about the clean lines and simple colour stories. 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

late night Sunday vibes...

1. first image via
2. suede jacket - Toast, metal clutch - Anya Hindmarsh, tee - Calvin Klein x Mytheresa, lace shorts - Miss Crofton, perfume - Bella Freud, tabi boots - Masion Martin Margiela.

slightly obsessing over how perfect the chokers by Celine are and wishing all the above things were in possession right now. i did treat myself to the new fragrance by Bella Freud this week (cant stop smelling myself as a result!) and those lacy shorts were definitely ordered during a recent sleepless night.

 i keep finding myself when im tired and out and about buying plants, like everywhere i go! i do the same thing with pretty underwear. my favourite thing to do when im tired and have the duvet pulled over my head and i can barely keep both eyes open - is to browse Etsy for allllll the sheer and pretty lacy underwear i can find. Miss Crofton is a firm favourite as all her pieces are made in London which is a nice touch.

im starting to realise im literally gonna end up sitting in my flat one day, totally broke, surrounded by plants, but smelling rather lovely and wearing nice underwear....

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

girl crush of the day...

(images via

"Another thing that I found interesting about growing my hair on my body is that it almost desexualized me in some ways. So I have hairy armpits, but will wear short dresses—I like daring people to think differently. I want to be able to be like, ‘I’m hot and I’m in control of my body.’"

the young artist Petra Collins on growing her body hair and rejecting the razor. a fantastic interview on Into The Gloss with such a wise 21 year old who also happens to be a very talented photographer. i wish i'd been this sure of myself at that age!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

holiday essentials

(suede fringe jacket - Mango, sunglasses - Celine via Matches, clutch with Kerouac quote - picked up some tiny beach shop in St.Petersburg, pool sliders - Adidas via Urban Outfitters, sandals - Zara, gingham trousers - Boutique by Topshop, straw hat - Urban Outfitters) 

some pieces i've found myself living in constantly on a recent trip to the sunny state of Florida, these guys have been carrying me through the summer...

Thursday, 10 July 2014

toast august '14

(all images via

maybe its this rubbish weather and constant grey skies, but i have a hankering to drape myself in various shades of grey with sharp tones of gold and white. something very clean and fluid about those colours together. and dont even get me started on those brows and that hair!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

nice things on etsy .6

spent an entire day in bed on Etsy, honestly the first time i've done it in aaaages. and oh how i have missed it! here's my pick of the things i currently wish i could buy all at once....

Sunday, 18 May 2014

first day of summer

(images from June '14 Vogue UK)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

peeeerfect tees

(images via

perfect tee's and perfect styling in these pictures taken by Viktor Vauthier for the new brand Bianca Chandon. i have my eye on the 'Lover' tee but considering i have purchased 3 tees in the last month alone i probably should slow down on that front!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

road trip dreamin'

image via
playsuit - BASE Range via Goodhood, sandals - Office, tee - Aries via Urban Outfitters, string bag - Various Projects, sunglasses - Celine, smock top - A.P.C., leather satchel - A.P.C., denim shorts - ASOS, sliders - Isabel Marent

Monday, 17 March 2014

recently .18

1. cant stop wearing my Isabel Marant Etoile sweater these days, no one warned me that sweaters were so damn comfy?!it's immediately become my best friend while traveling.
2. getting photos developed from the end of last year and being really happy with how the Amsterdam ones turned out.
3. stomping about in my beautiful new manly brogues c/o of Office, the chunky sole is my favourite bit.
4. catching up with Mel with a perfect breakfast feast at the Toast x Cereal event, the perfect combination of beautiful clothing, my favourite food/travel/lifestyle magazine and my girl ;)
5. adding to my collection on my arm with a stringed pearl picked up in Berlin last week and a simple and oh so elegant bangle from Celine, the coolest and most favourite friendship bracelet i will probably ever own!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

escaping the wind and rain of England...

a surprise week off work was a double edged sword when i realised that i would most likely end up holed up in my flat watching London slowly flood. a look at the weather reports in Europe and i saw a quick opportunity to explore the south coast of France spending a few days in Nice and Monaco. if not for the lovely people i recommend visiting for the cheap wine (heeello 1 Euro bottles of red!) and insane good food.