Saturday, 29 December 2007

last day in topshop :(

today i had my last shift at topshop,sooo sad to leave everyone.going to apply to work there again in the new year.of course it was jam packed because of the sales and i had a lot of grumpy customers in the changing rooms who should really learn to say 'thank you'.

i cannot stand bad manners!

knowing that my days of having 25% discount are now numbered,i quickly grabbed a couple of items i've had my eye on for a while and lo and behold they were in the sale :D horray!

i bought;

  • cream silk cropped jacket reduced from £60 to £25
  • burnt orange silk blouse reduced from £45 to £25
  • a little black frilled silk camisole reduced from £25 to £7

(all of this came to £40 with my discount,thankfully!)

i also set aside a gorgeous pair of heels to purchase at the start of next week,they shall be my last item bought with discount;

topshop high-T platform (£60)
my mother even aproved of them so now i will HAVE to get them ^_^
also treated myself (with voucher given by my dear uncle for xmas) to 'The Complete Series of Black Books' for a mere £15 :O

i have been trailing the shops for this dvd for yonks,its one of my favourite comedies ever :D
i am very happy right now ^_^

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