Sunday, 30 December 2007

THAT dress

i am now stuck in that horrible situation were the dress i have been pining over for the last year and was originally 'sold out' has appeared back at on the urbanoutfitters site reduced from £70 to £39.99 :O
i mean,this is THE dress that would be soooo perfect for nights out,i could wear it everywhere!!and i'd love it and keep it forever and ever.i can seriously say i have never wanted an item of clothing more;

my problem....i am skint, i have about £2 to my name until i get paid on tuesday and that money is going straight on those high-t platform high heels i have set aside in topshop.
i am still waiting on my wages cheque from 'love' in topshop :(

i'll have to wait for this cheque to appear,then clear before i can even think about getting this dress,but what if it sells out!!!!:(

i hate situations like this :(

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