Tuesday, 22 January 2008

the cobrasnake and steve aoki

how excited am i?!?!
having my usual lil nosey round the cobrasnake site (yes i admit to have jumped on the 'cobrasnake' bandwagon) i found that he's collaberated with steve aoki (simply amazing dj) to bring us gorgeous lil cushions as they so graciously model below;
for $45 dollars (about £23) you could get this very nice double sided cushion (with steve on one side and mark on the other), lots of lovely stickers and best of all steve aoki's debut album 'Pillowface and His Airplane Chronicles' :O

the fact that i have been patiently waiting for this mix album for the last 3 months now just me jump with glee to see that i could get it (released today) and a cute pillow

if you havent heard of steve aoki, check out his myspace!!does some of the best remixes about today, you cant not dance to it!

here he is in action;

f*&k! i wana see him live!!!please visit the UK!

so yeah i ordered the 'package' staight away!i eagerly await its arrival :D

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