Monday, 7 January 2008

the contract

i dont know whether it was because i had about 45 mins of sleep last night (thanks to pro-plus and some luminous WKD i found) or the stress of writing over 3,000 words on 'sexual identity' finally hit me, but i have entered into a contract with my best friend and housemate raj to lose weight in the next month lol, i can see this next 30 days being very interesting!
some of the terms of contract are;
  • no chocolate whatsoever in any shape or form!
  • no chips (even when the chippy sends those lovely smells out onto the street)
  • no drunken pizza buys (or thefts!) infact,stay away from 'sweet and spice' altogether
  • no silly kiddie drinks such as 'chapel' and alcopops
  • exercise,exercise,exercise!!
we both signed it, the deed is done. now to go to argos tomorrow and purchase a tummy exerciser thingy majig;

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