Thursday, 31 January 2008

Explosions in the Sky

went to see explosions in the sky at the astoria in london last night who were just amazing!were actually better live than i thought they would be!

journey started with me wearing my now love in life; my grey high waisted skirt from topshop, the t-rex baseball jersey from OU, boyfriend jacket from OU and my new pretty lil high heeled brogues (which were a bargin at £15 from peacocks)
and of course i had to bring my packet of 'nerds' to keep me going on the train :)

note Robin wore his new shoes i bought him from topman lol

arrived at the astoria [excited] and went to get a southern comfort at the bar stright away. mood was v.relaxed at the start of the night with everyone just chilling out and drinking and robin introduced to me various members of the band he knows (their strange gathering)

thank you JJ for the drink you bought me!by the way how friggin expensive is drink at these gigs?!?!£3.60 for a single southern comfort and coke :O

day-light robbery i say!

anyways, the night went on with the supporting artist Eluvium starting who was ok, but at times created sounds like sounded like the racket my next door neighbour makes when hoovering.
instead robin, JJ and me spent it mostly gossiping near the bar and i randomly found this sticker on the wall that for some unknown reason fansinated me and amused me grately [note: it may have been the whiskey]

finally explosions in the sky started and blew me away with their amazing melodies and the way the guitarest Munaf danced in a sort of 'slow motion morrisey' way, the whole gig was just 'wow' and their music is the most beautiful i have heard in a long long time.

afterwards the three of us headed towards the nearest McDonalds for fuel food, not without JJ first all buying 1 cigarette of a homeless guy for £1.50, i think he was ripped off!lol

im ashamed to say i bought two cheese burgers, i t has been a long time since i pigged out though

we then headed back through london to charring cross [i regretted wearing heals immediately] and proceded to eat our now cold food and head home.

in all it was an excellent night!

cant wait for the lykke li gig tonight either!!!:)

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