Friday, 11 January 2008

gig outfit

in other news, my skirt from topshop boutique finally appeared today (the postal service round here is rubbish!) and i am so excited just thinking about when im going to wear it out ^_^

im thinking its definately going to have to be worn on lola and mine next day out and i cant wait to take it down to london for robin's birthday (the boyfriend), i may even team it with a large oversized t.shirt and my biker boots for the smashing pumpkins gig coming up!

i admit i am no great fan of smashing pumpkins and yes i maybe do tease the boyfriend a lil too much for liking them, but i cant help being excited about the gig (even though its next month!). i'll even go as far to admit they are a talented band and i do love their video for 'tonight tonight'

the video itself was inspired by Georges Melies' silent film A Trip to the Moon and i cant help but love the beautiful clothes and style of film the smashing pumpkins have done in their video, it really does play homage to the era of silent film...


insertnamehear said...

you love them really! another interesting factoid: the directors of the video made Little Miss Sunshine! xxx

Anonymous said...