Wednesday, 16 January 2008


while my wardrobe may be near bursting with all the clothes i have bought over the past year, the one thing it lacks is plain simple jersey tops, sensible things that become the back bone of your wardrobe. so to solve this problem i have made it my mission to slowly build up my collection of jerseys,with the help of american apparel of course!

arriving in the post later today or tomorrow should be a pretty lil baseball jersey i got in the sale for £9.99 from urban outfitters;came across this tee when on liebemarlene vintage blog, i LOVE her style. she is one of the few people that can come out of trift shops with REAL treasures, check out her blog!
also purchased these pretty V-striped tights from u.o. for a fiver!

also arriving in the post shall be two jersey tops my boyfriend very kindly picked me up in london from amercian apparel, and has posted up to me :]

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