Thursday, 24 January 2008

philsophy and bits & bobs

after a 3 hour lecture on the life of ancient greek of philsophers (which i might add have a crappy sense of humour but seem to make all the middle aged students in my class cry with laughter,sad!)
i came back home and imediately had a cat nap to refresher myself, after which i decided to have a lil look at what the urban outfitters website has in for spring.

ask any of my friends and they'll tell you im addicted to this shop, online and in real life!i just cant help it!and whats even worse is belfast will be gettin its first dose of this amazing shop in easter so i shall never be able to escape it!(not that i would want to though!)

however a little look of the site revealed a whole new selection of bits and bobs to excite me!im trying desperately hard to not spend any money until next week when i head down to london for a 'long' weekend as i know with my boyfriends family being there i shall not be able to avoid the shops :)

oh well!i may as well admit defeat here and admit urban outfitters will be one of my first stops when i hit london, i even picked out a few items that tickled my fancy;

i definately HAVE to get these leopard print 'buddy holly frames' (£15)

and WOW this wrestern print shirt (£45) is gorgeous and would look so cute with high waisted skirts and pretty colored tights

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