Sunday, 13 January 2008

the primark skirt

dont get me wrong i do like primark a lil bit, but sometimes i just dont understand why people want to wear something that is going to be worn by the masses across britian?? i know i can be abit of a snob when it comes to clothes or food but you can spot a primark bag from miles away.its like this bag below;
yes i thought it was ok when i first saw it but it suddenly lost its appeal when EVERYONE had it in every color.primark is good for finding cheap copies of topshop clothing but be warned, it does mean they look cheap if not mixed with your other clothes well.

against my better judgement however i purchased this 'prairie' style skirt for £8 the other day,
i decided it'd look better high waisted so got it in a size smaller. put together with my crockett miami vice t-shirt and it actually looks ok;
i can see myself wearing this once it gets abit sunnier, maybe when im floatin' round the parks in london this summer, ah hurry up summer!!

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