Thursday, 3 January 2008


ok so not very exciting but those twins from last years big brother were in topshop when i was working yesterday;

they're in a lot since they live about 5 mins away (and no i did not ask for their autographics like the others!) but what was most surprising/horrifying was one of them (dont ask me which,i dont even know their names) was wearing THAT dress from urban outfitters iv been pinning over for ages!

which is now reduced to £19.99 on the site :O
i think they finally realised £70 was too much to ask

what was most worrying was she actually managed to make the dress some somewhat slutty and cheap with her kinda hookerish heels and shiny hair. i was annoyed and sad :(

but yeah i did still order it :] lol.i feel it deserves a chance.

oh and yes i did get the biker boots from gap;
i love them so much i put them on straight away and wore them to work*,they're perfect!

*i handed in my discount card yesterday :( 'twas a sad sad day

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