Saturday, 12 January 2008

under my bed

while starting to tidy my room tonight i can across my heels under my bed and hiding in the darkest corner was my very first pair of heels

a pair of heels my mother bought me over 5 years ago from topshop in belfast. i had been invited to a young farmers ball (yeah i know,but i moved to the countryside - i was 'socializing') with my friends, it was my chance to prove i was more than just a city girl playing in the countryside.
I choose a turquoise strapless drop dress from oasis which i remember was reduced from £60 to £20 and mum being absolutely over the moon with it (since she was paying for it lol) i remember feeling very proud of myself for finding a bargain. as a treat then i got to choose a pair of shoes and my mum and me finally agreed on a pair of heels if they had an ankle strap to hold my feet in lol. i fell in love with these heels straight away with their gun metal color and promised my mother id look after them and love them 'forever and forever'.
fears that i could not walk in them were overcome when i managed to last til 4 in the morning dancing and drinkin lots of vodka & apple (the farmer's fav. drink at that time). those shoes became my stable in my 'going out' wardrobe and i wore them a million times more at various young farmers bbq's or nightclubs throughout the country, often managing to wear them while stumbling up country lanes or friends fields at 6 in the morning.

so finding them under my bed tonight brought many wonderful memories flooding back, they're still in pretty good condition too!so to have some fun i teamed them with my faithful grey tights and my £2 sale over-knee socks from river island taking inspiration from prada's autumn 2007 collection
and the ever stylish miss cory kennedy;
mine isnt so glamourous but until i can afford the real thing they'll have to do;

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