Friday, 29 February 2008

a busy week

this week i have been very busy between going to university in the morning and work in the afternoon, i havnt had much of a chance to blog unfortunetly.
thankfully Robin has been here to keep me sane and very kindly meet me after work each day :]

i choose my last item of uniform and went ahead with the lil black sailer dress;

got lots of lovely compliments when i wore it last night with my purple tights and my lil heeled brogues;

havnt had much of a chance to take many pictures either unfortunetly but here's what i wore yesterday to ancient philosophy lecture (which for once i actually completely understood horray!)i am in love with this skirt ^_^ not one for girly floral prints these colors go alot better in my wardrobe than i originally thought, the more i wear it, the more that i like it :]

also managed to finally tidy my room, im working at redoing my wall when i next get a chance!also recieved the greatest parcal from my mum yesterday. i always look forward to her parcels as they usually contain sweets or other lil treats ^_^. this time she sent me a beautiful cotton bag for shopping, an earing i had lost, and this;

a receipt she found in one of my old Zara coats (she has now sent to a charity shop, darn it)

hmmmmm seems my mother now knows i frequently skived school to go the shops and quite often the pub!lol

plans for today are;
  • 11-3 in topshop,do more till training!
  • pick up some tulips in town
  • go for a walk along the canal with Robin
  • make a yummy dinner ^_^
  • head out to Hanley for a night - to the Sugermill

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poppy lee said...

just reading back through your blog. that is hilarious! can imagine my mum doing the same.