Wednesday, 20 February 2008

day off

i had one of those horrible panic moments when woke up this morning that i didnt know whether i actually had any seminars today or not, a quick text to a friend though told me i did not and thus i had a free day without uni or work at topshop, yay!
with my day off i decided to watch some cheesy day-time tv before heading out for some messages, feeling quite relaxed i decided to wear my new t-shirt from threadless which my lovely boyfriend surprised me with, its so adorable and im completely in love with the design on it;

  • t-shirt - threadless
  • skirt - vintage from camden
  • cardigen- topshop
  • necklace - urban outfitters
  • tights - primark
only after putting on my tights did i realise they had a massive hole in the heel which immediately laddered, i honestly just did not have the energy to change again and so decided to throw on my boots and go anyway, if anyone said anyway 'they're part of the design' lol

i then decided when home again to start tidying my room by starting to tidy my cosmetics desk and drawer which took ages so in the end i just dug out my magazines purchased in london and decided to sit down and read them, starting with the february issue of Nylon which Robin managed to find in his local train station news stand!after hunting for it all over London, typical!

anyways as usual it was a great issue which looked at London, the beautiful people of it and all the best shops to hit (which shall come in useful this summer), i took pictures of some of the bits that jumped out as inspirational and interesting;

(this was for some ad, i just love her hair, i wish i could get away with going blonde)

(i love the perpex lace collar necklace which can be found on this site for £68)

(whats not to love about this jumper?!its beautiful and i want it ^_^ - by alexander wang)

(this made me laugh!)

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