Tuesday, 19 February 2008

dear diary...

i am quite sad in the fact that i adore stationary, i could spend days in a store that sells paper and pens and quite regularly spend rediculous amounts of money on notepads and beautiful paper. i remember when i was in high school i would save all summer to spend around £50 on stationary for school in september, my favourite shop was an art/stationary shop in belfast called Bradbury Graphics, i miss it.

My love of expensive pens and paper definately stems from my fathers love of good pens and the letters he would write from various places around the world which were always on beautiful paper and contained doodles and drawings. often these letters were the only contact my sisters and i would have with our father when we were little and so i still have all of them.

alot of the letters from my father would be written on squared paper which to this day i love to write friends and family letters on, so i was over the moon when i found a gorgeous diary in Urban Outfitters the other week that was reduced from £40 to £9.99. the diary itself is designed by Landor & Hawa and is in mostly french and goes from 2006 - 2010, its smooth black case has the words 'agena quinquennal' engraved in it and even better is all its pages are squared paper ^_^

i love updating my diary even more now :]

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