Wednesday, 13 February 2008

decisions decisions decisions

it seems simple, but choosing 3 items for my uniform in Topshop is driving me mad!i spent nearly 2 hours yesterday in store trying various different items. tried on several things including;

Pocket dress - £30

Origami sweat skirt - £20

Brogue - £60

i LOVED the pippa jeans on but unfortunetly due to having put a bit of weight on the size 10 were a titch too small but the size 12 drowned me :( remind me i must go on a diet!
the floral skirt and dress were really pretty on but i have too many frilly skirts etc now so i dont really nead anymore, and i spotted these manish brogues online last night and fell straight in love with them!going to see if our branch of Topshop will be getting them in soon when im in work later today, i really really hope so!

so the choices of uniform boils down to these two choices;

hmmmm.... decisions decisions decisions!

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