Sunday, 10 February 2008

friday night

i hate the fact im so busy now, means less blogging time so im trying to catch up on all it

anyways, despite the fact the fact i am soooo poor until i get paid in 4 weeks, me, the boyfriend and my friends Shell and Dave went to Sugarmill in Hanley on friday night to celebrate Robin's 21st :]

was such an excellent night!we began with drinks at my house and although shell and me both had work on saturday morning we somehow managed to get absolutely 'rat-arsed' (as shell says) before we even left the house lol, hmmm maybe it was all that southern comfort i drank!

decided to wear my faithful grey high waisted skirt with my new 80's purple blouse i purchased the weekend before in Camden, teamed with black tights and my high heeled brogues.

highlight of the night was the dj playing 'hustler' by SMD, my top favourite song to dance to, i was so happy i even drunk texted my mother when they played the smiths (eek!) lol

the night then ended with a trip to subway where i drunkenly called shell a hot hooker and she slapped me lol i so deserved it!
shell and me starting to drink

the ever handsome mr dave

robin :)



shell & moi

i love my new blouse


miss shell

i dont know


i think i was still drunk the next morning when i had to go to work, but wow it was an excellent night!
message left in my bedroom haha

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