Friday, 8 February 2008


not long back from a mini date with robin to pizza hut, doesnt sound like much but he had never been!!i HAD to take him!been rushed off my feet as well after doing a ten hour shift at topshop on monday, 8 yesterday and again today :S my feet hurt!so worth it though as i got a chance to help with 'model shop' and got lots of compliments on my wall arrangement with the uderwear ^_^ im rather proud of myself!

also got told i can now pick out my uniform, a chance to pick 3 items with 75% discount!!
i did try on these shoes and was heart broken when the size 5 was too tight and the size 6 was too big :(
however i did pick myself out a pretty lil tulip skirt to wear tomorrow night at the sugarmill;
will team it with my heeled brogues and miami vice baggy t-shirt i think

listening to:

the teenagers 'reality check' (out 17th march!)

oh my gosh!i have waiting for this album for AGES!!so excited when i got to hear it, its even better than i thought (thank you to robin for downloading it!), they were my fav. band of last summer and just reminds me of lazing round the park in london on sunny days ^_^ miss it!
but anyway their album is awesome and i love the guys in the band even more!i admit i am not a great fan of the french but wow they are hot!
whats even better is their playing at the skins series 2 launch, i am so jealous of anyone that gets to that party!

'starlett johansson' video

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