Monday, 18 February 2008

i dont like mondays...

i travelled back to stoke from london today and just did not want to bother. it was so sunny and pretty in Chiselhurst this morning as i begrudgingly dragged my suitcase to Euston with my boyfriend. never more than today had i wanted to just turn round and go back to Robin's flat and curl up in the sun ^_^

i am at a crossroads at the moment regarding uni and my course and just wanted to call it a day and quit today, give up!but then im not good at giving up, i always have to follow things through and so sadly i boarded the train at Euston :( and within half an hour of landing in Stoke i was in a Psychology lecture....blah!

oh well, all i can do is think about the end of this semester, after that there is only one more year then i am free!horray!

even though as i curl up on to the sofa tonight, i miss Robin

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