Monday, 25 February 2008

lectures cancelled

today was a good day. i got up early to tidy my room and get ready for a psychology lecture which to my delight in the end was cancelled. overjoyed by this and the sugar in the lovehearts (which my boyfriend sent me in the post ^_^) i kinda half danced half tidied my room in glee.

im excited as well because my boyfriend Robin will be catching as train up from London tomorrow to stay the week - i am happy!
this week we shall go on lots off walks along the canal and go on a lil date this saturday to celebrate a year and a half together :]
thus i am excited about tomorrow and cannot draw myself to do my proposal for ethics of practice *sigh*
oh well!

anyways i am also happy because i have found a reasonable priced pair of brouges (yes i am obsessed with brogues at the moment) on the office site for £40 !!
i MUST have them!!-since i can no longer afford the pair from Topshop :(

aren't they beautiful ^_^ they would so ace with skinnys and a mac!

and yes i know i am on a budget but i really do need shoes that arent pumps or boots!lol

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