Friday, 29 February 2008

my outfits

thanks to my little sister Eleanor who came across this post * when she googled my name! seems my outfit planning interested someone on a smashing pumpkins forum lol.

i admit when i have an exciting event ahead i get a little excited and usually have my outfit planned weeks in advance, but on a day to day basis its whatever falls out of my wardrobe first!lol.
i wish i was one of those people that naturally pick out amazing outfits in one go, but unfortunetly i usually have to sit in front of my wardrobe for an hour or so before i have a brainwave.

* unfortunetly i did not wear the outfit mentained in the post, i changed my mind at the last moment, and no i am not actually german but was born in zweibrucken (w.germany) and lived there for a couple of years, i wish i could speak better german but im crap at it!

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