Monday, 11 February 2008


thats how i felt earlier, in a complete 'blah' mood due to finding out im poor and will be for a while. as a result i may even have to give up my plans of living in london this summer :(
dahm student loans!

due to this (and a bit of PMT) i made myself my fav comfort food consisting of mashed potato and ketchup and for the fun of it i threw in a bit of mushy peas my housemate bought me :]

mushy peas always bring back memories of visiting my grandparents on a sunday and them making a rather simple 'sunday' meal

and yes i felt a hell of a lot better afterwards, that and the fact im going down to london to see my boyfriend on thursday ^_^ i cant wait!

also took a little trip onto the topshop website and managed to find one or two things in the sale section which i was surprised at. i do however wish it would hurry up and end, i am sick of tidying the sale section in work :(

anyways this is what i managed to pick out;
these shorts now £15 would look cute with colored tights and pumps or heels!

i have been pinning over this bag for AGES and cant believe its reduced to £75, i wish i could win the lottery
and this from the boutique section ^_^ we have it instore but unfortunetly its a size 6, grrrrr
its so pretty and i am loving anything sheer this season.

hmmm will have to think about this one!

now off to bed, i have ethics in practice tomorrow morning, the joy!

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