Tuesday, 12 February 2008

the problem...

as usual nothing ever goes smoothly with my life!just found out i will not be recieving any money from ALF (our university money fund)
-which means i have to pay off my credit card (for traveling home expenses) myself,
-which means all my wages from topshop will have to pay that off,
-which means no leads festival for me,
-which then means i may not able to afford rent in london this summer,
-which THEN means i may have to go back to ireland this summer and spend the whole summer waitressing

a total bummer!:(

i do not want to go back home, i cannot stand the area (miss belfast sooo much!)

i am absolutely clueless now on what to do :S

i am in a course that has nothing to do with what i want to do afterwards but i cannot quit now :(

ahhh why cant things be simple!

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