Monday, 18 February 2008

smashing pumpkins @ london

we had to be up pretty early on saturday as Robin's good friend Amy was flying over from ireland for tonights gig. I'd yet to have met her so i was pretty nervous and kind went abit OCD tidying Robin's room and cleaning the floors lol. i didnt have anything to be nervous of though as she was lovely and i got on with her straight away :)

she even brought me over some veda bread!!the one thing i miss the most about ireland is their bread, the english do not simply have enough kinds. but wow she is immediately on my top friends list for that!

we then decided to celebrate her arrival with the making of rice crispy buns with chocolate and hundreds & thousands
(note the bun cases,definately worth the extra 60p i think!)

we must have made over 40, but they went down well :)


then it was time to get ready for the Smashing Pumpkins gig at the O2 arena, i decided to play it safe and not overdress. apologies for lack of quality on the photos as i left my digital camera back in stoke!
  • high waisted grey skirt - topshop
  • black racer vest - topshop
  • sheer pocket dress (worn as top) - boutique by topshop
  • grey patterned tights - urban outfitters
  • biker boots - gap
  • fleece biker jacket - boutique by topshop
we headed into london bridge and grabbed abit of burger king to fuel us for the rest of the gig (i MUST stop eating so unhealthy) and then moved onto the O2 arena (formerly known as the millinium dome) where i did the whole 'oh my gosh, its giant!!' thing and even rang my mum to tell her how excited i was.

it must be noted here though that i am not a smashing pumpkins fan but Robin had asked me to join him and Amy, so i was completely clueless as to what the gig would hold for me. the arena itself was massive and i got dizzy just looking at how high the seats in the place actually went! the price of food and drink was enough to make one very dizzy with nachos being £4 and drinks being the same or more price!unable to afford my usual tipple of whisky i meekly purchased a smirnoff ice and some nuts for a total of £6 :( i dislike this being skint business!

unfortunetly due to having no camera with me i didnt get to take any photos :( and the ones on my phone didnt come out well *sigh*.

the gig was good, quite surprising since i knew very little of their songs but the best bit was definately when Billy Corgan sang an acoustic version of '1979' but started by singing the verse of girls aloud song 'call the shots'. I have to admit i dont think he's a total arsehole anymore!

there was bits near the end were i did drift off due to their heavier rockier couple of songs and instead dandered off to the toilets where i amused myself with taking some photos
(this made me giggle,silly i know!)

but it was nice to see Robin's face light up as he knew every word to nearly every song!it made me smile :]

overall i was surprised at how good the gig was, i have a new found respect for the Smashing Pumpkins though much to my boyfriends annoyance i will always believe the Smiths were a greater infuence on music and they definately had a better style :P

*cough* billy corgan in a skirt *cough*

excellent night overall :)

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