Monday, 18 February 2008

sunday//foodie day

today was a foodie day :) by which i mean we me lots and lots of yummy things!

after last nights gig putting us in such a good mood the three of us took a dander into Chiselhurst to grab some food in sainsburys were it quickly turned into a chance to make some goodies!

we decided that after looking at all the easter eggs we would make our own lil birds nest buns with mini eggs, for lunch we would make some pancakes to enjoy with icecream and hundreds of thousands and for dinner; some yummy pizza with our own version of the overpriced nachos from last night's gig!

after enjoying the sun on our walk back we quickly made the cute lil buns (yes i am aware we made some yesterday but these were easter buns :P) and soon realised that either the sun or sugar or both were making us all quite hyper and we decided that some alcohol would be perfect to enjoy with our food!

so a trip down to sainsburys again provided us with some cheap cheerful Archers and thank you to Robin for buying me the alcohol :) since i was very skint!

we then started to make the pancakes and i imeediately started on the drinks, even though all quite giddy we made the best pancakes ever!could have been down to Robin's special 'pancake pan' lol or the alcohol just made us master chefs!after all this exitement we settled down to enjoy our lunch of pancakes and icecream and decided on the 3 movies we would watch; Ratatouille, Juno and Superbad

after watching Ratatouille we then started on the dinner of pizza and nachos (which were simply amazing!) at which point Amy and myself were quite tipsy ^_^

this was the second time i had watched Juno but i've got to say i love it!its so well written and makes you laugh at the smallest things, a quite beautiful/funny movie and one i cannot wait to own on dvd!

i think we fell asleep most of superbad and due to the excess of food but it was a perfect foodie//movie day and i was horrified to remember i have to return to stoke tomorrow morning and i have yet to pack :(


i wish to hide under the duvet and stay in london all week!!

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