Friday, 15 February 2008

valentine's day

not really one for all this hype surrounding valentines day but i admit i had a good day ^_^

arrived down in london where Robin paid for a taxi to take me from the station up to his flat, where i randomly met a fantastic guy Andrew from flippin' Antrim back in ireland of all places!he's been living in london for 6 years now and is a wedding organiser of all things!we giggled and chattered the whole way to Robin, poor taxi driver probably couldnt understand a word when our northern irish accents flaired up lol. you meet the best people in the oddest of places :]

anyway, when i arrived at Robin's place he had filled the room with lil tealights and presented me with the most gorgeous rose ever and some yummy dark chocolate, but the best bit was when he gave me my present.

It is the most amazing present i have ever recieved!Robin had spent weeks tracking down a book i kept talking about that i had adored as a child. nearly cried when i opened the present. the book is called 'the hidden house' and i remember sitting in my wendy house at the bottom of the house reading it again and again (unusual as i usually only read books one and still do), i was fasinated by its illustrations and its sad story of dolls left in a house that grows decrepit.

but anyway Robin using help from my mother managed to track it down (my mother threw my original away when i will little) and i cant believe it ^_^ i have the greatest boyfriend ever!

due to my now very tight budget i had to be creative with Robin's presents. i bought him a little card which made me smile, a chocolate heart lolly from topshop, some cookies from millies (our first kinda meeting revolved around cookies :] ) and for the main item i created a book of doodles to go along with a poem he had written last year called 'the dream'.

i think he likes it :)

hope everyone else had a good day!

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