Sunday, 2 March 2008


i got grumpy with people in Topshop yesterday, it was one of the busiest saturdays for a while and unfortunelty i was put on the front of the store for the whole day. what annoyed me beyond belief was the lazy people coming in, standing by clothes chatting away for ages, getting in everyones way AND knocking clothes down and just not even attempting to pick them up!!!who are these people that come to socialize in Topshop standing around for ages and just annoying the staff and other customers?!?!
grrrr it got me soooo annoyed!

anyways, i dont want to lose my temper again lol.
here's what i wore anyway;

  • dress - Topshop (£1 in the sale)
  • vest worn underneath - Primark (£2)
  • belt - Kate Moss at Topshop - (cant remember)
  • tights - M&S (my mother bought me them lol)

enough of ranting lol, im going for a lovely sunday walk along the canals now :)
its really sunny outside yay!


Anonymous said...

the dress: amayyzing. u can't do nothing wrong with 1pound.

Anonymous said...

£1 !!!
OMG. lol.

elisabeth mccoubrie said...

im not sure abou the colour though, tempted to try and dye it,hmmm...