Thursday, 27 March 2008

back from ireland

due to a very slow family PC, the last two weeks were not spent blogging or on myspace, i actually missed my laptop!

anyway it was good to be home again, in a weird way i actually missed the noise of sheep outside my bedroom window and the amusing RTE and TG4 channels. the two weeks were spent showing my housemate Raj (a brummie) around the north coast and Belfast, i think she liked it :)

got lots of pictures to put up which i shall do tomorrow!its hard to believe but i did not go mad and buy lots of clothes this easter, im actually quite proud of myself with my purchases;

i broke my last heart mirror so was pleased when my mother bought my a replacement from Urban Outfitters for £6,heres hoping i dont break this one!

i fell in love with this dress when i spotted it in the Coleraine branch of Topshop, i popped out to meet my boyfriend and within the next 20 minutes someone had bought it :( could not believe it!thankfully when down in Belfast i spotted the last one in a larger size, horray!!the best thing about this is it actually makes you look slimmer :D must remember this shape of dress is good
i seriously need some flats so i picked up a pair of plimsolls in the new Urban Outfitters in Belfast for a tenner,bargain!
(pack of 2 rings - £16 at UO)
Raj and me couldn't resist these little gems and each took one of them, much cooler than friendship bracelets!
definately my highlight of the purchases was finding the last skinny leopard belt under a pile of t-shirts in Urban Outfitters which sold out on the website and was reduced to £24, i did that thing where you find a treasure in a shop and cling to to it, convinced EVERYONE is waiting till you put it down to pick it up themselves!lol. i can see im going to be wearing this belt a lot :D

also bought two oversized tee's from primark at the brillient price of £3 each and giant brightly colored cups for the kitchen, thankfully i did not go over the recommended weight of the suitcases for airlines, phew!

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