Wednesday, 12 March 2008

the expedition

it really wasnt an expedition, but it sure felt like one! yesterday we had to sign up for our modules for year 3, this is the only day i hate due to the queues and waiting around in overheated rooms. each year people are queueing for several hours in hope to get the best seminar times i.e. not at 9 in the morning or fridays.

i can not stress enough how serious people take this day, to the point that when going to see a tutor in the same building i came across people already setting up camp outside the room at TEN in the moring!!now the module signing doesnt happen til 3pm, really those people need to get a life!me and my friends then fretted and decided to head over and queue around 1.

knowing we would have some time to wait i invested in the latest issue of Grazia, a bottle of coke and too many kinder maxi's (i admit a slight addiction to these at the moment!), i felt like i was going on my duke of ed. one again and worring about how hungry would i be, and what would give a slow release of energy?lol

outfit for the day was centred around my new agyness deyn tee which i sense will become a stable of my wardrobe :D

  • tee - DeerDana (£15)
  • cardigen - Urban Outfitters (£28)
  • high-waisted shorts - American Apparel (£22)
  • tights - M&S as always!
in the end i settled with my faithful high waisted skirt from Topshop and skinny belt from a lil charity shop back in n.ireland.

today i must start getting ready for work at half 2, yet i am still in my PJs!lol.
and yes i still have not packed for my flight tomorrow,eek!i have a feeling i shall not be having an early night!