Sunday, 9 March 2008


i got word from DearDana that my aygness tee is on its way,yay!


im just hoping it appears before my flight home to N.Ireland this thursday, i'm kinda relying on it to make up part of my 'Kellys' (a night club on the northcoast) outfit and plus it would go perfect with this bodycon skirt i found in topshop today;
bodycon mini skirt - £22 (topshop)

im not usually one for tight lycra and since someone in work refered to the red version of this skirt as 'a hookers skirt' i was a bit dubious about trying it on, instead i went for the grey version that was brought into store. only one was brought in as the grey version in a size 12, but it actually worked to my advantage meaning the bigger size didnt stretch so much and thus make me look like a hooker, horray!

i tried it on with;
satin bobble necklace top - £32 (topshop)

(all items can be found on topshop website)

i loved this top, such a beautiful colour and sheer material but at £32 i just cannot afford it... well i could but then that would eat into my 'whiskey budget' for when im back home. and well i just cannot do that!

dont get me wrong, i dont want to seem like the typical irish alcoholic, but throughout my 2 years at uni i have constantly given up a night out at the union to fund an outfit or shopping trip in London. it would be a social crime if i turned up back home to say "sorry i cannot join you in the pub this saint patricks day, as i have decided to purchase a top instead and stay home sober"
i think my friends would disown me!

i have also invested in a lil vest by boutique;
vest by boutique - £20 (topshop)

i love it!and yes you can never have too many vests, i have been contantly wearing my lil black one for 4 years now so now i have a lovely peach one, new black one (both from the boho tech in topshop) and a cream/nude one ^_^
i only need a white and a grey one and i have the complete basic vest set!

now im starting to panic!only 4 more days til i head home for easter,eek!what clothes do i take back????

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