Saturday, 1 March 2008

floral shorts

maybe its been the little showers of sunshine over the last few days that has fooled me into a false sense of 'yay its summer' mood when in reality its only the start of march, but i am loving the new items of floral prints that have been brought into Topshop this week.

my ban on buying things i 'do not' need is going hard, i keep seeing so many fantastic high street versions of designer items and i want them all!but i am being good, i saved a couple of items in Topshop the other day but was very good and put them back in the shop. i have decided i do not need any more bags, or dresses or skirts until nearer summer. what i am allowed to buy is;
  • more pretty underwear
  • tights (all mine have holes in them)
  • vests (i am down to 1 black one i've had for like 4 years)
  • flat pumps or sensible shoes
  • a man's white shirt
  • long cardigen
  • an investment pair of heels
  • plain tee's to alter
  • items of clothing that will not date
  • items of clothing that are not mass produced
  • items that are such good designer rip-offs they are investments!

what i have invested in with some money i had left over from my wages was a pretty pair of high waisted shorts with a floral print;

they're such a good version of the spring collection at Luella,see they are an investment!!

on other notes, i have applied for my staff discount card, hooray!25% discount here i come!

p.s. - where is my Aygness Deyn tee????i am getting impatient!

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