Monday, 3 March 2008


their video for 'love no';

the word to explain how happy i am about the upcoming gig.
my boyfriend surprised me with tickets to see The Teenagers on the 7th of April in London, he is the greatest boyfriend in the world ^_^ he dislikes them but is even willing to put up with going to their gig!

^_^ glee!

i have been wanting to see these guys since early last year but due to being skint or having work on at uni i missed a few gigs. then in october last year i got tickets to see them in london with the Crystal Castles but Robins ticket never came through so i couldnt go :((the gig i missed out on)

so now i am happy, and by happy i mean i get hyper everytime i think about the upcoming gig.

my own worry is is they are becoming 'scene' and by this i mean loved by 16 scene kids who spend all day pouting in front of camera's and talking about how 'unique' they are. it would be a nightmare if i eneded up being one of the oldest in the gig (flash backs of the queue for the klaxons gig!)

i worry because they played at the Skins Secret Party along with Crystel Castles who even featured in last weeks episode of Skins, eek!
the Crystal Castles appearing in Skins;

i dispair :(
(dont get me wrong i LOVE Skins, just not the trends that come along with the programme)

i just pray The Teenagers do not become a 'trend'!

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