Tuesday, 4 March 2008

midnight feast in the library

last night i stayed up til after 2am in the university library having a feast with two of my friends. i had originally went over to write up a proposal for philosophy but due to a phonecall to Daz in tescos we ended up having a lil picnic in the early hours of the morning, hiding around the macs.

we feasted on ice tea, pink wafers and mini eggs yum yum :]

and i provided the music using youtube, the theme of the night was 80's new romantic, no chessy tracks though!lol

a fun night over all!


Anonymous said...

i have a question,
i going to a gig in the next mounth and have no idea what to wear, any suggestions? thanks.

elisabeth mccoubrie said...

lol i'll try my best to help :)

best keep it to something simple, easy to wear but have a statement piece you can work around
oh and not too many layers!always gets to warm at gigs
who is it your going to see?and i'll see if i can come up with something :)

Anonymous said...

well, theres 2.
scouting for girls and the wombats.