Friday, 28 March 2008

settling in...

today was spent settling back into my 'stoke routine' of tidying my room and going to the library. with a couple of essay deadlines coming up i really have to get my ass into gear and get writing!
due to the horrible weather as well, i decided to keep it simple and throw on a pair of skinnys and top;

  • 'boyfriend' jacket - £45 Urban Outfitters
  • 'grandad' top - £3 (sale) Topshop
  • jeans - £8 Primark
  • belt - £24 Urban Outfitters
  • plimsolls - £10 Urban Outfitters
I REALLY must get a new umberella as well!my current one is over 2 years old and has a massive hole in it, but i love it too much!plus i keep on loosing those cheap primark ones and thus have given up with 'cheap' umberellas altogether. my current one was £15 from topshop and yes it may have a hole in it but look how longs its lasted!

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