Sunday, 2 March 2008

a sunday stroll

today i was lucky enough to get a day off work, i have a feeling i was wanted in to do the tills but as i wasnt put down on the rota i just kept quiet and hoped they wouldn't realise. and hooray they didn't!

so with a day off Robin and me got a nice lie in for a change ^_^ got up around 11 and was treated to some cocopops (havn't had them for ages!) yum yum. as it was such a lovely day we decided not to waste it and go for a walk along the canals. one of the few things that are good about staffordshire is the canals which due to the fact we have none in n.ireland, means i find them fancinasting and get excited everytime i see a canal boat lol. i even suggested a holiday on one over this summer, however i think my friends would prefare anything else!

anyway, we took a lovely walk 3 miles up the canal and found a lovely abandened railway track where we sat and ate sandwiches in the sun :]

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