Sunday, 30 March 2008

the surprise within More magazine

im not really one for these kind of magazines except when exceptionaly bored in an airport or train station but for once i am actually glad i picked up this weeks More magazine with the 'great' Jade Goody on the cover. when it came to the fashion section i actually found myself wanting all the pieces in this shoot and wow im in love with the grey cropped blazor (which is from River Island). it hasnt appeared on the site yet but im hoping sometime this week it appears in the Hanley branch or i might try and pick it up when down in London next weekend.

i never thought i'd be actually inspired by fashion from a magazine such as this, its like when im a totally snob with food (M&S all the way :P) but since becoming a student have discovered the joy of Tescos and Sainsbury's basic noodles,yum!

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Anonymous said...

Hiya Liz, good running in to you last night, hope you had a good one!