Monday, 10 March 2008

the t-shirt has arrived!

after an unsettled night of sleep (due to the wind and rain last night) i was feeling a bit miserable this morning.
however i was soon surprised with the post and was overjoyed to see the tee i ordered with Agyness Deyn on it has finally arrived and yes it was worth the wait!!horray :D

it was like christmas morning opening it and i was pleasently surprised with a lil thank you note from Dana and lots of glitter

cant wait to wear it ^_^

boring yes i know but i was tired this morning and so settled for light blue skinnies, lil grey cami top and my new vest by boutique by topshop.

on other notes the next couple of days are going to be jam packed, due to a very boring lecture eariler i sat and doodled and wrote out my 'to do' list;

- tidy room
- check out modules for final year of uni.
- put on a wash

- go to ethics in practice lecture
- queue for several hours and pick psychology modules
- pack for trip home!

- pick out modules for philosophy
- go to work
- meet Robin at the station :)
- sleep!!

- fly home for 2 weeks, horray!