Wednesday, 9 April 2008

before i go to work...8 little things

working 6 til 9 tonight which means im guessing i have to do stock take as its after opening hours, i dont mind really but i could see me doing so much more useful things tonight, like fill in my new diary, sort out my wardrobe, put things on e-bay, read some philosophy etc etc.

oh well, before i go to work anyway, im going to waste some time doing the '8 little things' i came across on miss woo's blog, and watch some 'flog it' on tv, hurray!

8 Things I am Passionate About

1) fashion fashion fashion (of course!)
2) philosophy and religious studies
3) reading, drawing, generally doodling
4) travelling (though i dont get to do it much since going to uni)
5) photography, particularly my parents and grandparents from their travels
6) hanging out with friends and meeting random funny people on trains and in the back of taxis
7) discovering new shops and finding little treasures inside
8) learning as much as i can about the world around me

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1) have lived in europe and holidayed in the americas
2) learn to drive and own my own car
3) afford to buy my parents a holiday home in europe
4) travel back to Saipan
5) have understood completely the questions of human morality and will, then write my own book
6) own an irish wolf hound
7) learn how to save money, or hire someone to do it for me!
8) own a chanel bag and a vivienne westwood dress

8 Things I Say Often

1) ummmm...
2) danke schon (in a lovely belfast accent)
3) can i ask a really silly question?
4) sorry
5) its an investment! (when referring to clothes)
6) whatever
7) what the frig?!
8) lets have a cat nap

8 Books I Have Read Lately

1) craig thompson - blankets
2) craig thompson - carnet de voyage
3) oonagh o'hagan - i lick my cheese and other notes from the frontline of flat-sharing
4) gisele scanlon - the goddess guide
5) helen cross - the secrets she keeps
6) kant - anthropology from a pragmatic point of view
7) simon blackburn - truth
8) ancient philosophic text - the stoics

8 Songs I Could Listen To Over and Over

1) blink 182 - a these small things
2) the cure - lullaby
3) the killers - mr brightside
4) simian mobile disco - hustler
5) coldplay - dont panic
6) the teenagers - homecoming
7) vhs or beta - nightwaves
8) the editors - munich

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends

1) their sense of humour, ability to laugh at anything
2) easy going and carefree but NOT lazy
3) being able to speak up and have debates with
4) no cruelness
5) when they like a good drink and grotty irish pubs
6) intelligence, desire to learn as much as possible
7) creativity
8) a love of dancing til 3 in the morning

i better get ready for work now *sigh*

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