Saturday, 5 April 2008

the brogues

just ordered the cutest pair of vintage brogues from
i have been hunting for a pair of brogues for months now and have been either unable to afford them (i.e. the £60 Topshop ones) or have lost out on bidding on some (i.e. the Vivienne Westwood ones on ebay), but finally fate is on my side in finding these gorgeous little ankle brogues with woven detail;

i fell in love with them straight away and cant wait to start mixing them in with my wardrobe pieces. thankfully they were in my size and even better at £25 (or £12.50) they are an absolute bargain!!!i feel mean for saying it, but i am loving the dollar/pound ratio at the moment!

was also tempted to order the other item from this seller which is a biker jacket with FRINGE!!!it looks so cool and a total bargain at a tenner, but unfortunately im slightly nervous about the fit and have decided to pass on it *sigh*

also made a small purchase of a pretty vest from Topshop to wear in London tomorrow, and due to my high need of pretty underwear, i ordered a gorgeous corset bra from Urban Outfitters in the sale, hurrah!

note to self: London tomorrow - the Teenagers monday night, sooooooo excited!

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