Tuesday, 15 April 2008

clutter in the wardrobe

im feeling very guilty at the amount of clothes in my wardrobe and so decided to sort out through the clutter. it was scary how many items i actually havnt worn in months and rather shamefully there was even some items with their tags still on. this wasnt because i go overbored and buy clothes i dont need or want, but rather due to putting on weight, i never got to wear them because they just depressed me. so to do something useful i've put them on ebay, the pocket money from them will fund my stay in London this summer yay!

interested?see them HERE on ebay :)

yay!no more clutter!


Anonymous said...

That blouse third from the top is gorgeous!
Lucky whoever wins it.. myself, I'm on a self-imposed ebay ban for the moment in order to stop me spending silly amounts of money on things that are just not worth it.
Good luck with your sales!


annah said...

i am cursing not finding your blog so i could bid for some of these...