Tuesday, 29 April 2008

cropped man trousers and plastic heels

pictures of my latest purchases :)

today i wore my American Apparel skirt, Topshop skinny belt, Kangol oversized sheer tee, M&S tights, and my new platic wedges that arrived in the post this morning from Urban Outfitters

i am L.O.V.I.N.G. these new wedges, i've never worn such comfortable heels, i dont know whether its because they're plastic or just their design in general. but i was able to wear them all day, even to the library tonight without so much as a twinge of pain in my feet!
i can see these shoes becoming a stable of my summer wardrobe.

i also purchased the cropped roll up trousers from Topshop that i was so longing for, i've seen plenty of examples of ways to wear them in street style blogs such as Face Hunter and the Satorialist so i will definately have fun mixing them into my wardrobe;

i love how all these people have managed to wear baggy trousers or oversized jackets and still remain quite feminine, oh how i envy their ability to pull these casual look off!

i realise these trousers may make me look quite short unfortunetly so i will be mostly teaming them will heels until i can think of other shoes to team them with,hmmm... this however does not give me an excuse to buy more shoes!
i really must cut down on the purchases until i move down to London, however 'uniform' is next week in Topshop, so i shall be picking out 3 items once again,hooray!

now i must call it a night, i have an early start in the morning with swimming, then writing my report on animal ethics, fun fun fun!


Alice Araujo said...

Great blog!

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Anonymous said...

i love the trousers, tempted to try a pair today!

Hushy said...

really like those trousers, i think i need to branch out of wearing jeans all the time, i might have to invest in some like these!

Jenny said...

Love the pants and the heels you combined them with fit perfectly.

Nice blog by the way ^o^

lula said...

really like those trousers, don't think they'd suit me unfortunately - already short enough so would probably make my legs look stupidly short

poppy lee said...

i can't believe you have the same topshop heels as me too (in a different colour)

i feel like we have a lot of shoes in common. maybe because you work in topshop and i go in there pretty much every single day.