Tuesday, 22 April 2008

ditsy florals and looming clouds

as im working nearly working every day at the moment, certain things on the high street are starting to turn me off, the 'tie dye' items of clothing being one of them. i just have a feeling that while they're in fashion at the moment (well on their way out anyway) i cant see tie dye being a wardrobe investment. maybe it's the sort of 'hippy' 70's images they bring to mind that horrifies me. another trend that's starting to faze me is the floral print, more specifically the ditsy ruffle romantic dresses that have completely taken over the high street,eek!i have never ever been a fan of floral dresses and only invested in a lil silk floral skirt and luella inspired high waisted shorts but still couldnt actually bring myself to buy a floral dress.

this dress below from Topshop would have made me jump with glee about 2 months ago, but for some reason now, it makes me feel slightly ill when looking at it.

im sure it looks amazing on and would look so cute at the up coming summer ball, but i think i've maybe been overpowered by flower dresses everywhere.

i do however still think 'wow' at this little floral romper suit worn by the blogger Hela on its vintage darlingi would maybe consider buying something as cute as this!

on other notes i'm loving the new items that have been brought in store (topshop) to once again tempt me with lots of pretty things!however im being good and if i do get anything it will be this one item of the website;
but only because i've never owned a playsuit and the idea of this one with black or grey tights and chunky heels is too much to resist!

there is a looming dark cloud though, in the form of the mid season sale (yes you heard correctly im actually dreading it!). after the ever lasting sale at christmas i have developed a fear of Topshop sales for the way it turns people a bit nuts and the end of the day where i have to pick up everything off the floor, not fun! the sale starts on thursday so tomorrow i will be working from 11 in the morning 'til 10 in the night
cant wait until these next 3 weeks are over and i can once again have an early night curled up watching CSI with Robin.

(pictures from vintage darling, topshop and other high street websites)


Miss Woo said...

I'm still searching for the perfect (cotton!) floral dress, as all the cheap chiffony stuff on the high street make me kinda nauseaus..

L. said...

It's funny how you get really sick of trends. Shops just seem to be oversaturated by the same thing... The red playsuit is lovely though.

elisabeth mccoubrie said...

yeah its such a pity when the shops get carried away with a trend, it kind of ruins it for us when about 80% of a room at a club are then wearing 'florals'