Monday, 21 April 2008

horrid uni work

over the next two weeks there is going to be a severe lack of post due to working every day at Topshop and having several essays and case studies to hand in, the first of which was thankfully handed in today!
i shall miss the blog while i am not here but cannot wait 'til my last exam on the 7th of May, as at the end of that month i shall be moving down to London to spend the summer with Robin, yay!

other things to look forward to is uniform again next week at work so at least picking three things out at 75% off will keep me sane while i've got all this work on. so far i think i'm going to get these shoes which i tried on down in London and fell in love with;

i love the colour of them, with its light grey and the pink heel just sets them off perfectly, very pretty!
(crossover shoe - £50)

...i hope my vintage brogues i ordered recently arrive tomorrow ^_^

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