Thursday, 10 April 2008

inspiration from the streets

this 'vague' tee featuring cory kennedy is seriously haunting me! i so regret not buying it.

not sure about the dress, but how amazing are the brogues?!i think im slightly 'brogues' in the head at the moment lol.

i love this whole outfit, so very simple with the plain skirt and tee but yet it works so well thanks to the gorgeous belt and pointed shoes. puts you so in the mood for the summer!cannot wait to ditch the tights

these shorts are simply amazing, the detail at the waist and the shape of it is beautiful, if they're vintage this is one treasure of a find!

(all pictures from third best)

1 comment:

L. said...

Those brogues are amazing.. I've never seen anything like them. I also love the third picture. I shall have to pick myself up some tan accessories.