Friday, 18 April 2008

midnight purchase

finally i am having luck with ebay :D

sitting in the library doing some more philosophy research last night i came across this little jem of a vintage jacket on ebay,and i couldnt miss out on it since its cheaper than the Christian Dior blazer i spotted yesterday. its perfect for my summer wardrobe and since that cropped grey blazer i saw in a magazine havn't appeared in River Island yet, i wasnt going to let this one go. its another item based in the States which will take just over a week, but its so worth the wait!
it was origionally a child's tuxedo jacket, is a gorgeous navy mix colour and has 3/4 sleeves which i so greatly wanted in a jacket. and to make things even better, it was a bargin at £25 yay!

i might as well admit i made another sneaky purchase eariler this week (and again from the States) in the form of these pretty lace up boots for about £20;

(picture from moderniteter)

i havn't been able to get those boots featured in moderniteter and now that i think about it, they will go perfect with my newly purchased shruken blazer :)
hmm i think like Poppy Lee, i too am a fashion sheep sometimes when it comes to blogs!

i promise these are my last ebay purchases for a while...
well... until i head down to London at least lol, which reminds me, today i tell my manager i want a transfer for the summer to a London branch and i am terrified because i know she will not be happy.

wish me luck!

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Miss Woo said...

oh my, that jacket is beyond perfect. You're one lucky girl!