Monday, 7 April 2008

monday: shopping in london :)

what i wore today;
(blazer- urban outfitters, tee- agyness deyn by deerdana, skirt- topshop boutique, belt -vintage, heeled brogues not seen - peacocks)

today was definately one of my favourite days spent in London this year, it started with discovering brillient new shops down streets i'd never been and later tonight i will be attending 'the Teenagers' gig which i have been waiting to see for over a year now!

thankfully Robin (the boyfriend) gave me permission to 'drag' him where ever i wanted since it would be my last visit 'til i moved down this summer :D. we started by making a trip to the south of town over to see the vintage clothing store Cornucopia (name dropped by the ever great Suzie Bubble) which was sadly closed for the day, so we went to Tesco's and purchased croissants instead :)

we then headed over to explore Beyond the Valley, an amazing little store off Oxford Street, they have a brillient online site and i was excited to find out their sample sale was still on when i arrived. the shop was full of treasures for which i would have gladly parted my student loan with, including gorgeous illustrated pillows and a pretty little prom style dress that had gingham in the inside off it, not forgetting the 'bling' inspired wolf rings that just looked amazing. unfortunetly most of these were priced at around £100 and due to being a poor student i could not afford these, but i will work my ass of this summer if it means i can walk away with something from the collection!
its not all bad news though, my very kind boyfriend treated me to a shopper tote that i fell in love with (and cant stop giggling at);

and a beautiful oversized jumper from the sample sale that was reduced to £15!!its SO soft and even has little elbow patches, i cant wait to wear it to lectures at uni.
i simply have to say i have the greatest boyfriend ever!!^_^
i also purchased a small item (a nipple badge) for Daz as a sort of late birthday present, i know he will love it :P

i then dropped into the H&M to try on a pretty beige strappless dress that has been appearing in a lot of the current magazines but due to me feeling a bit 'fat' at the moment i just didnt want to buy it, i did however manage to get some beautiful satin bow pumps in black and green due to help my severe lack of flats that are not either peep toe or boots, so i was pleased.

we also stopped in the Topshop on Oxford Street which i shamefully admit was my first visit, even after over a year of trips to London!i was highly impressed if at all slightly overwhelmed but manged to stick to purchasing some pretty lace ankle socks, a lovely sheer vest (not yet on the site) and a silk skirt which looked quite pretty in grey;i then had a bit of a fright when i was asked by a woman from the online fashion site 'fashion156' for a picture as she loved my outfit ^_^ after blushing and stuttering a bit i posed for the picture and afterwards felt quite pleased myself, no longer feeling i was having a 'fat day'.

after the excitement of the picture i finally dropped into American Apparel to pick up the high waisted denium skirt i'd been hounding for ages, and some lovely two toned socks to ease me out of the 'winter tights' phase,yay!overall it was an absolutely brillient day and i cant wait for tonights to decide what to wear!


poppy lee said...

i have the same skirt and socks from american apparel! and very nearly bought that tosphop skirt. it's on my blog actually...

also wrote about the beyond the valley sale. have a look :)

elisabeth mccoubrie said...

i am now now those socks, they are a permanent part of my 'not so scruffy when at the library' look lol