Thursday, 17 April 2008

the nicest thing

my very lovely boyfriend kindly posted me the April issue of Nylon magazine up from London for me and it arrived this morning, yay! i'd missed nylon's last issue due to being home in Ireland recently and was heart broken to think that i might miss this issue with Chloe Sevigny,Anja Rubik and Clemence Posey on the front cover!
so thank you Robin for taking the time out to send me this, i promise i shall not get distracted with it yet and instead get some work done :)

i have however quickly flicked through it and come across the picture of Anja Rubik wearing the awesome golden bat covered shrunken blazer by Luella;

which is another of my current obsessions at the moment. I've tried on several cropped versions on the high street, the closest to what im wanting being the pleated blazer from Topshop with its 3/4 length sleeves;

i have however come across a couple of cute vintage boy's blazers on, most of them being available in the states (for some reason, there's none in Britain being sold at the moment)

my favourite one has to be the Christian Dior shrunken blazer currently going for around $40;

(pics from ebay)

its the perfect shape and size that i'm going for and even has beautiful gold buttons with 'C.D.' on them, the problem being however is that the blazer is a US size 0/2
darn it!

oh well, the hunt shall continue!
but right now, i must get back to my lovely essay on morality and the soul....

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