Friday, 25 April 2008

shoes shoes shoes

unfortunetly i havn't had much chance to write proper blogs and thus i apologise for the crappiness of these few days, lol. i have handed in my 2nd assignment, a psychology case study on relationships, which after a couple of sleepless nights i have completed, hooray!

even better, my lace up boots arrived yesterday morning on my day off and i completely love them!!ah they're going to go with sooo much!they're ever so slightly tight but i really dont care lol, they will do until i find a perfect pair.

i wore them to work today with my layered chiffon dress, grey tights and light blue cardigen. simple but pretty. due to it being the first second day of the sales i knew by the end of the day i'd be on my hands and knees pulling clothes off the the end we didnt get out of the shop until nearly 2 hours after closing time,eek!

(oversized clutch, cardigen, dress - Topshop. tights - New Look. boots - vintage)

i then had to spend the rest of the night creating mood boards for the trends in Topshop for a presentation i have to do, i really cant weait to get an early night again!it seems i havnt slept much in the last 3 weeks,eurgh.

i have however cheered myself up with a visit to the Urban Outfitters sale online where i purchase a lil pair of plastic wedges reduced to £20,hooray!i am ashamed to admit this will be my first pair of wedges since i was around 6 and wore a lil pink pair from Gap. im rather excited about them now.

melissa moulded plastic wedges - Urban Otfitters £20

oh and um another little sneaky purchase in the form of this tee from Topshop which i just ordered, it was only £16 and i've got it for £12 with my staff discount. i am definately loving t-shirts at the moment.

just over a month until i move to London for the summer,yay!


Benedicte said...

Cute shoes!

Wendy said...

Those boots are so gorgeous!