Sunday, 6 April 2008

snow day in london

i was so surprised when i opened the curtains to see that it had actually snowed last night, covering our street in a lovely blanket of snow, stoke has never looked so pretty!it was so nice to set off on a journey on a day like this, even though we had to get a coach to stafford first before getting the train, the journey to London was so pretty. Chislehurst looked like a winter wonderland and it was fun to watch all the little dogs out in the park enjoying the snow, i felt sorry for my poor Stella back in n.ireland with no snow to chase and play in.

view out my house

on the train to London

arriving in Chislehurst

while travelling on the tube i also spotted the best dressed group of guys, one of which was wearing cigarette jeans, a beautiful trench coat and best of all a gorgeous vintage leather satchal :O
i've been thinking about getting a satchel for a while and seeing this one today sparked my excitement in the idea again, i tried to take a photo of him quietly but failed.

it was a gorgeous chestnut brown with backpack staps which immediately took me back to when i was in year 1 in primary school and my mother insisted on me using leather satchels because it made me look like a good little 'german' school child, i however did not see the attraction in this at first spying everyone else with their barbie or cartoon character school bags, but eventually i did become quite proud of my beautiful leather satchel. i wish my mother had kept it for me now.

(a selection from ebay)

my aim now is too try and hunt down a simular one to what i saw today, starting tomorrow when we head into london, going to also keep my eye out on ebay.

also recieved the brillient news that my brogues i ordered yesterday will be posted from America tomorrow, i am quite excited now!
...and Robin also showed me the tickets for the Teenagers gig tomorrow night at the Cargo in London,really excited about this gig, will have to figure out what to wear!!


Cellar Door said...

My guy has got a satchel and he never uses it and you've just inspired me to steal it for myself..hehe. But when he sees me with it I bet he'll want it back. He's like that.

The Cambridge Satchel Company said...

I had tried for ages to find a satchel for my daughter - I just couldn't find one that lived up to my memories. Anyway I ended up starting my own business - The Cambridge Satchel Company, we make traditional satchels but in funky colours too like red (as well as the vintage and black). Take a look and tell me what you think. We're going to make blue ones next.

elisabeth mccoubrie said...

lol tell your guy they're not in fashion these days,then tell him how much it looks better on you, he gives you it and before he realises its highly sought after, its yours *evil laugh* this how i get many items of my man ;)

AB said...

I bought from the Cambridge Satchel company and was disappointed when the bag arrived with an obvious defect which should have been picked up with a rudimentary quality assurance check prior to despatch. When I returned it for repair I had to exchange several emails with them just to get back my postage fees. Their last email reads “I have sent £1.63 to your credit card, I trust you are now happy.” - My advice, buy elsewhere, their customer care is from the 70’s.