Tuesday, 8 April 2008

the Teenagers in London

the Teenagers were even better live than i would have thought, even Robin doesnt hate them so much any more which is saying alot since he's constantly teased me about them for over a year now. they played in the Shepherd Bush Hall and the support group; the Fangs got everyone in a good mood and ready to dance, we were even standing next to the lead singer from the Teenagers when listening to the Fangs, but as usual i was too embaressed to say hello.

some pictures from the night;

note they're brillient dress sense!i absolutely loved what the female guitarist was wearing, even the drummer looked parisian cool in her skinny jeans and shirt/scarf combo. the best had to be the lead singer who i will admit i find very attractive in a sort of 'european/im too cool' way, which says a lot since i used to dislike anything french!lol i think that's slowly disappearing now.

the Teenagers truely rocked the night with their simple yet catchy lyrics and rythem, they made everyone in the hall sing along and just dance to our hearts content, one of the best gigs i've been to this year!

and of course i bought the t-shirt and the album (instead of having a download), i definately have to see them again!

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